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Name: Tariverdiev, Mikael

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Title: Vu Bistu Geven ? -- װוּ ביסטו געװען ?
Also known as: Prohibition Bulgar
Also known as: Vu Bistu Geven Far Prohibition
Author: Segalovitsh, Zusman -- סעגאַלאָװיטש, זוסמאַן
Genre: Folk/Lament
Subject: Love/Aging/Separation/Dowry/Regret
Song Comment: Same melody as "Motl Der Oprator"
Origin: Vinkov 1 47/CD M-066(a)/Alb C-060(a)
Transliteration: Vinkov 1 47/Alb 013(a)/RSN MX 9/KlezKamp 94
Translation: Vinkov 1 47/Alb 013(a)/CD K-081(a)CD M-066(a)/RSN MX 9/KlezKamp 94
Music: Vinkov 1 47
Additional song notes: Segalovitsh credited with lyrics on CD Z-011(f) but Khana Mlotek in ML SOG 47 indicates that the song was "collected" from Segalovitsh.
On album: I-012(a) (Unburden Your Heart Jewish Folk Songs Masha Itkina Sings)
Track ID: 21686
Vocal Itkina, Maria
Guitar Dushchenko, Alexander
Guitar Rudnev, Sergey
Arranger Tariverdiev, Mikael
First line: Vu bistu geven ven gelt iz geven un der nadn iz gelign...
First line (Yiddish):װוּ ביסטו געװען װען געלט איז געװען און דער נאַדן איז...
Language: Yiddish

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