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Name: Fernay, Roger

Songs written or composed

Title: Youkali
Author: Weill, Kurt
Composer: Fernay, Roger
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Dream/Imagination/Happiness/Folly
Origin: CD M-066(a)
Translation: CD M-066(a)


On album: M-066(a) (Max & Minka /International Accordion Duo -- מאַקס און מינקאַ)
Track ID: 28737
Vocal/Accordion Lewicki, Jeanette
Vocal Max -- מאַקס
First line: C'est presqu'au bout du monde, ma barque vagabonde/Errant augre de l'onde…
Track comment: Near the edge of the world, my vagabond boat/At the whim of the waves,…
Language: French
Style: Cabaret/Tango
Length: 005:44

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