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Title: For You
On album: 002n (The Ravens/ For You/ Mazl)
Track ID: 28835
Artist: The Ravens

Title: Mazl -- מזל
Also known as: Mayn Mazl
Author: Picon, Molly -- פּיקאָן, מאָלי
Composer: Ellstein, Abe -- עלשטײַן, אײב
Genre: Theatre/Lament/Waltz
Subject: Life/Fate/Happiness/Regret
Song Comment: Introduced in the film "Mamele".
Origin: GYF 48/Alb F-024(e)/Metro Scher 30
Transliteration: Alb K-007(a)/Warem 136/GYF 48/Alb D-004(k)/Alb W-031(a)/SM Scher 7
Translation: Alb T-015(c)/GYF 51/Alb D-004(k)/Alb W-031(a)/
Music: Warem 136/GYF 49/MS Scher 7
Additional song notes: Luck/Fate Karsten Troyke characterizes this erroneously as "Traditional" On Alb T-028(b) it is recorded under title "Mazl Du Shaynst Amol Far Yeydem"
On album: 002n (The Ravens/ For You/ Mazl)
Track ID: 28836
Artist: The Ravens

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