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Name: Begelman Sisters

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Title: Eyshes Khayil
Also known as: Eyshet Chayil
On album: 027k
Track ID: 29534
Artist: Begelman Sisters

Title: Nokh A Glezl Vayn -- נאָך אַ גלעזל װײַן
Author: Tauber, Chaim Shmuel (Shami) טױבער, חיים שמואל (שמאי)
Composer: Triling, Ilya -- טרילינג, יליאַ
Genre: Klezmer
Subject: Drinking/Joy/Fears
Additional song notes: Another Glass of Wine
On album: 027k
Track ID: 29535
Artist: Begelman Sisters

Title: A Yidish Lid -- אַ ייִדיש ליד
Author: Medoff, Sam
Composer: Medoff, Sam
Genre: Lament/Theater
Subject: Hope/Memory
Song Comment: Includes "traveling melody motiv" from "Habibi"
On album: K-092(a)
Track ID: 30743
Artist: Begelman Sisters
First line: Tir un toyer, iberal farmakht, dos lebn shlept zikh vi aneybike nakht
First line (Yiddish):טיר און טױער, איבעראַל פֿאַרמאַכט, דאָס לעבן שלעפּט זיך װי אַן..
Track comment: Originally recorded New York, August 1939, Victor 25-5020
Language: Yiddish
Style: With choral group
Length: 3:21

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