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Name: Jacob Medvedieff Trio

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Title: Di Mizinke Oysgegebn -- די מיזינקע אױסגעגעבן
Also known as: Di Rod (Kales Tsad)
Also known as: Mizinke Tants
Also known as: The Krenzl Dance
Also known as: Wedding Dance (Di Mizinke...)
Author: Warshavsky, Mark M. -- װאַרשאַװסקי, מאָרק מ.
Composer: Warshavsky, Mark M. -- װאַרשאַװסקי, מאָרק מ.
Genre: Folk/Marriage/Family
Subject: Youngest Child/Marriage/Celebration/Klezmer/Guests/Family
Origin: Warsh Ye Yid 13/Alb G-026(a)/Alb O-001(b)/Alb R-022(a)/Alb B-007(b)ML MTAG 54
Transliteration: ML MTAG 54/Alb S-083(a)/Alb O-001(b)/Alb G-022(a)/Alb L-009(a)/Kinderbuch 172
Translation: Kinderbuch 172/Alb G-022(a)/Alb O-001(b)/Alb S-083(a)/Alb B-007(b)/Sh Sh 198
Music: ML MTAG 55/Kinderbuch 172
Additional song notes: Originally entitled "Di Rod (Kales Tsad)" "(צד כּלהס) The Youngest Daughter Married

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Track ID: 30388
Artist: Jacob Medvedieff Trio

Title: Di Finstere Nekhtele
On album: 055zz
Track ID: 30389
Artist: Jacob Medvedieff Trio
Language: Yiddish

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