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Title: Four Little Angels Of Peace
Author: Rome, Harold
Composer: Rome, Harold
Genre: Theater/Novelty/Sarcasm
Subject: England/Boer/War/Peace/Disarmement/Japan/Italy/Hitler/China/
Additional song notes: Eithiopia/Nazi/Austria/No mention of USSR
On album: P-035(a) (Pins and Needles)
Track ID: 30723
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Vocal Arrangements Bretton, Elise
Vocal/Musical Direction Rome, Harold
Piano Freeman, Stan
Guitar Hanlon, Allan
Bass Romoff, Dick
Drums Rogers, Al
Vocal Carroll, Jack
Vocal Sokoloff, Alan
First line: Four little angels of peace are we, loving our neighbors so peacefully,
Language: English
Style: Pop/Waltz
Length: 3:29

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