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Name: Anka, Paul

Songs written or composed

Title: Dayn Veg -- דייִן וועג
Author: Green, Martin
Composer: Revaux, Jacques
Composer: Francois, Claude
Composer: Anka, Paul
Genre: Humorous/Parody
Subject: End of Life/Torah/Joy of Observance/Gentile/Schnitzel
Song Comment: Based on song "My Way"
Transliteration: G-071(a)
Translation: G-071(a)


On album: G-071(a) (A Boy Named Sureh: Marty Green)
Track ID: 30934
Vocal/Piano/Synth Green, Martin
Vocal Green, Sharon
Guitar Schipper, Neil
Violin Bilash, Daria
Bass Guitar/Hammond B-3 Organ Gillies, Chris
First line: Mayn tsayt iz shoyn farbay; der rikhter vart oyf mir in himl.
First line (Yiddish):מייִן צײַט איז שוין פֿאַרבייִ; דער ריכטער וואַרט אויף מיר אין הימל
Language: Yiddish
Style: Folk/Pop

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