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Name: MacLeish, Spencer

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Title: I Ain't Afraid (Eng.-Yid.)
Also known as: Keyn Moyre Far... (Eng.)
Author: Near, Holly
Composer: Near, Holly
Genre: Ballad
Subject: Fear/Religions/Culture/Actions/God
Transliteration: K-051(f)
Translation: K-051(f)
On album: K-051(f) (The Klezmatics: Rise Up! Shteyt Oyf!)
Track ID: 31056
Alto Sax/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Kaval/Percussion/Vocals Darrieu, Matthiau
Violin/Baritone Violin/Vocals Gutkin, Lisa
Electric and Accoustic Basses/Tsimbl/Piano/Violin/Vocals Morrissett, Paul
Hardanger Fiddle/Hurdy-Gurdy/Alto & Baritone Horns Morrissett, Paul
Drums/Percussion/Vocals Licht, David
Vocal/Yiddish Adaptation Cooper, Adrienne -- קאָפּער, חנה־פֿריידע
Vocal Marshall, Sherryl
Vocal Myles, Maddie
Piano Schwimmer, Rob
Trumpet MacLeish, Spencer
Yiddish Adaptation Wex, Michael
Accordion/High-strung guitar/Piano/Lead Vocals Sklamberg, Lorin
Various Horns/Piano/Organ/Keyboards/Percussion/Vocals London, Frank
First line: I ain't afraid…I ain't afraid of your Allah
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Gospel/Concert
Length: 5:09

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