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Name: Dan, Yoel, arr & condr

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Title: Shir Sameakh -- שיר שׂמח
Also known as: Zingt Yisroel
Author: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Composer: Orland, Yakov -- ארלנד, יעקב
Genre: Israeli/Literary Origin/Hebrew,
Subject: Joy/Happy/Celebration/Song
Transliteration: Ephemera 1623
Additional song notes: A Happy Song

Related information in folder 1623:On album: B-010(d) (Ben Bonus sings israeli songs in yiddish -Sing, Israel, Sing -- "זינג, ישׂראל, זינג")
Track ID: 13927
Author Orland, Yakov -- ארלנד, יעקב
Composer Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Artist Bonus, Ben -- באָנוס, בען
Artist Dan, Yoel, arr & condr
Track comment: Is this version a combination of two songs?
Language: Yiddish/Hebrew

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