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Name: Yaffe, G.

Songs written or composed

Title: Zokharti Lokh (Yaffe) -- זכרתי לך (יפֿע)
Composer: Gvirts, R.
Composer: Yaffe, G.
Genre: Liturgical/Religious
Subject: Covenent
Transliteration: Alb S-046(b)
Translation: Alb B-026(b)/Vorbei 263

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Zakharti Lakh (Heb)
On album: S-046(a) (Safam "Encore" -- שׂפם עוד פּעם)
Track ID: 17917
Composer Yaffe, G.
Artist Safam
Composer Gvirts, R.
First line: Zakharti Lakh khesed n'urayikh, ahavat k'lulotayikh,
Track comment: "I have remembered the devotion of your youth..."
Language: Hebrew

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