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Name: May, Hans

Songs written or composed

Title: Lama Lama -- למה למה
Author: May, Hans
Additional song notes: Original German song " Frag Nicht Frag", written for Joseph Schmidt who made it into a hit in the German musical film "Ein Lied Geht Um Di Velt". Translated from the German by Nathan Alterman.


On album: V-015(k) (Vorbei… Beyond Recall, CD 11/ A Record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin, 1933-1938)
Track ID: 31632
Vocal Goland, Yosef -- גאָלאַנד, יוסף
Hebrew Adaptation (from the German) Alterman, Natan -- אלתּרמן, נתן
First line:מאז הופעת אלי הבאת לי לעולם
Style: Waltz/ Ochestral Accompaniment
Length: 2:55

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