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Name: Gideon, Melville

Songs written or composed

Title: My Little Yiddishe Queen
Author: Selden, Edgar
Composer: Gideon, Melville
Genre: Love
Subject: Place/East Side/Hester Street
Origin: Gottlieb 111
Additional song notes: Incorporates melody from "Hatikva" and "Der Rebe Hot Geheysn Freylikh Zayn"


On album: G-057(c) (Funny It Doesn't Sound Jewish/ Compilation by Jack Gottlieb accompaning book with same title.)
Track ID: 31678
Artist: Benson, Bruce
Artist: Baras, Jack -- באַראַס, דזאַק
Artist: Gottlieb, Jack
First line: Esther from Hester Street, she is a girl so sweet, and I love her so,
Language: English
Style: Ragtime
Length: 3:18

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