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Name: Chaplin, Sidney

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Title: I Met A Girl
Author: Green, Adolph
Author: Styne, Jule
Author: Comden, Betty
Composer: Styne, Jule
Composer: Comden, Betty
Composer: Green, Adolph
Genre: Theater/Film
Subject: Love/Special/Excitement/Appearance/Treasure/Pearl
Additional song notes: From "Bells Are Ringing"/ See Gottlieb 147-48 for relationship between "I Met A Girl", "The Wedding Samba", "I Fell Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet", "If I Were A Rich Man"
On album: G-057(c) (Funny It Doesn't Sound Jewish/ Compilation by Jack Gottlieb accompaning book with same title.)
Track ID: 31688
Vocal Chaplin, Sidney
First line: I met a girl, a wonderful girl, she's really got a lot to recommend,
Language: English
Style: Frantic/Orchestral Accompaniment
Length: 0:23

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