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Name: Armstrong, Louis ("Satchmo")
Born: Aug 4, 1901 (New Orleans, La)
Died: July 6, 1971 (Corona, NY)
Note: See Gottlieb 236

Tracks with this artist

Title: Lawd You Made The Nights Too Long
Author: Young, Victor
Composer: Lewis, Sam M.
Genre: Blues
Subject: Lonliness
Additional song notes: See Gottlieb 150 for relationship between "Lawd You Made The Nights Too Long", "Sam You Made The Pants Too Long", "I'm Sam Who Made The Pants Too Long", "Omar Rabi Elosar".
On album: G-057(c) (Funny It Doesn't Sound Jewish/ Compilation by Jack Gottlieb accompaning book with same title.)
Track ID: 31692
Vocal Armstrong, Louis ("Satchmo")
First line: Haleluya (3x), you made the river flow, you made the flowers grow,
Language: English
Style: Blues/Chant/Orchestral Accompaniment
Length: 2:04

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