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Name: Zakai, Mira

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Title: The Great Need
Composer: Shostakovitch, Dimitri
Genre: Literary Origin/Lament
Subject: Poverty/Child/Hunger/Clothing/Attic/Roof/Goat/Straw
Translation: J-004(a)
Additional song notes: Based upon "Oyfn Boydem Shloft Der Dakh"
On album: S-009(e) (Weinberg symph no 6 / Shostakovitch from Jewish folk poetry)
Track ID: 15071
Vocal Zakai, Mira
Artist: Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Ahronovitch, Yuri
First line: Oyfn boydem shloft der dakh, tsugedekt mit shindelekh,
First line (Yiddish):אױפֿן בױדעם שלאָפֿט דער דאַך, צוגעדעקט מיט שינדעלעך
Track comment: Recorded under title "Song Of Want"
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Classical

Title: Shemesh Oktober -- שמש אוקטובר
Also known as: October Sun
Author: Amichai, Yehuda -- עמיחי, יהודה
Composer: Kopytman, Mark
Genre: Literary Origin/Lament
Subject: War/Death/Silence
Origin: Alb K-047(a)
Translation: Alb K-047(a)
Additional song notes: Recorded under "October Sun"
On album: A-047(a) (Yehuda Amichai Poetry/ Music Mark Kopytman)
Track ID: 31743
Vocal Zakai, Mira
Violin Gronich, Ilan
Cello Loren, Shulamith
Percussion Steiner, Gideon
Piano Kopytman, Mark
First line: Shemesh oktober mekhamemet et panaynu.
First line (Hebrew):שמש אוקטובר מחממת את פניוו.
Language: Hebrew
Style: Voice and Chamber Ensemble
Length: 8;27

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