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Name: Hilarova, Dagmar

Songs written or composed

Title: May 1945
Author: Hilarova, Dagmar
Composer: Schumann, Robert
Genre: Classical/Literary Origin
Subject: Freedom/Spring/Hope/Blossoms/Liberation
Origin: Silverman TUF 224
Translation: Silverman TUF 224
Music: Silverman TUF 224


On album: S-102(a) (The Undying Flame/ Ballads & Songs of the Holocaust/ Jerry Silverman)
Track ID: 31800
Vocal/Guitar/English Adaptation/Arranger Silverman, Jerry
Violin/Mandolin Silverman, Antoine
Cello Kadvan, Alex
Oboe Silverman, David
Tenor Saxaphone Silverman, Misha
First line: 'Twas May, and all the blossoms circled it; blue lilac spindles did bloom…
Language: English
Style: Based on music of Robert Schumann
Length: 1:45

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