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Name: Zorman, M.

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Title: And The Angels Sing
Also known as: Freylekh In Swing
Author: Mercer, Johnny
Composer: Ellman, Ziggy
Genre: Swing/Pop
Subject: Love/Angels/Song/Music/Water/Moonlight
Song Comment: Adaption of "Der Shtiller Bulgar"
Origin: Sheetmusic 1210
Music: Sheetmusic 1210
On album: F-013(h) (Giora Feidman To You -- גיורא פיידמן)
Track ID: 21309
Clarinet Fiedman, Giora, clarinet -- פיידמן, גיורא, קלרמית
Artist: Zorman, M.
Trumpet Ellman, Ziggy
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Recorded under "Freylekh"
Style: Instrumental/Swing/Klezmer

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