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Name: Egan (No First Name)

Songs written or composed

Title: Habibi
Author: Fisher, Shmuel -- פֿישער, שמואל
Composer: Egan (No First Name)
Genre: Israeli
Subject: Friends/Time/Passages
Translation: Alb S-083(d)
Additional song notes: "My Dear Friend"


On album: K-063(a) (Kol Simcha Traditional Jewish Music)
Track ID: 18329
Artist Kol Simcha (Switzerland) קול שׂימחה (שװײץ)
Track comment: Recorded under title "Oriental Song"
Style: Instrumental

On album: L-040(a) (Gershon (Gregory) Lev / The Jewish Fiddle -- גרשון (גריגורי) לב הכינור היהודי)
Track ID: 22888
Artist Lev, (Gregory) Gershon -- לב, (גריגורי) גרשון
Track comment: Recorded under "A Dance With A Bottle"
Style: Instrumental

On album: S-083(d) (Folksongs From Israel / The Burning Bush)
Track ID: 31912
Vocal Skeaping, Lucie
Clarinet/Happy-Sax/Darabukka Harlan, Ben
Oud/Lauto/Mandolin/Darabukka/Guitar/Jouras Jeffrey, Robin
Double Bass Levy, Robert
Violin/Viola/Accordion/Rebec/Arrangements Skeaping, Roderick
Guitar/Vocal Sigalov, Hagai
Accordion/Trumpet Street, Kevin
Artist: Burning Bush
Language: Hebrew
Style: Duet/Tango
Length: 3:36

On album: B-028(k) (The Barry Sisters In Israel Recorded Live)
Track ID: 5864
Vocal Barry Sisters -- שװעסטער באַרי
Author Fisher, Shmuel -- פֿישער, שמואל
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Medley with Finjon, Hava Netse Bimakol, Kalaniot
Language: Hebrew

On album: H-025(a) (Jerusalem The Music of its People Sara Osnath Halevy)
Track ID: 5865
Artist Halevy, Sara Osnath
Conductor/Arranger Wesby, Ivo
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew

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