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Title: Vilna -- װילנאַ
Author: Wolfson, A. L. -- װאָלפֿסאָן, אַ. ל.
Composer: Olshanetsky, Alexander -- אָלשאַנעצקי, אַלעקסאַנדער
Genre: Place
Subject: Vilna/Memory/Yearning/City/Inspiration
Origin: Alb K-096(a)/Alb V-001(a)/Alb F-032(a)/A-054(a)
Transliteration: Alb K-096(a)/A-054(a)/Alb B-122(a)/Alb 126(a)
Translation: Alb K-096(a)/Alb K-029(a)/A-054(a)/Alb B-122(a)/Alb 126(a)

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Related information in folder 862:On album: F-032(a) (Songs of the Ghettos & Camps Compiled by Gila Flam)
Track ID: 16610
Vocal Segal, Betty
Accordion Dayches, Kiva, accordion acc
First line: Vilna, shtot fun geyst and tmimes, vilna yidishlekh...
First line:װילנאַ, שטאָט פֿון גײַסט און תּמימות, װילנאַ ייִדישלעך פֿאַרטראַכט
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: See Forwards May 10, 1991 in "Pearl" and notes with album

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