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Name: Khalfi, Avraham
Name (Yiddish): חלפי, אברהם

Songs written or composed

Title: Hakad
Author: Khalfi, Avraham -- חלפי, אברהם
Composer: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Genre: Israeli

Sheet music:

Folder: 855
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Hebrew/Transliteration
Publisher: Edition J. Naidat,
Publisher address: Tel Aviv, Israel
Date: 1949
Provenance: Gift of Gail Morrison Hall
First line: Reitikh im kad tsamed el hasfatayim…
Notes: Orange lettering. Drawing of large pitcher with music notes pouring out of spout. Hebrew text on back cover.

Title: Atur Mitzcheich -- עטור מעחך
Author: Khalfi, Avraham -- חלפי, אברהם
Genre: Literary Origin


On album: G-035(e) (Gevatron/ The Israeli Kibutz Folksingers / Shirim Yafim -- הגבטרון שירים יפים)
Track ID: 34144
Vocal Gevatron -- הגבטרון
Language: Hebrew
Style: Folk/Choral
Length: 4:00

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