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Name: Bart, Lionel

Songs written or composed

Title: Pick A Pocket Or Two
Author: Bart, Lionel
Composer: Bart, Lionel
Genre: Theater/Film
Subject: Pickpocket/Marvikher/Fagin/Robin Hood/Work

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On album: M-059(b) (Metropolitan Klezmer/ Surprising Finds)
Track ID: 32521
Arrangment Metropolitan Klezmer
Accordion Butera, Ismael
Trombone Faulkner, Rick
Violin Hess, Michael
Bass/Tuba Hofstra, Dave
Clarinet/Alto Sax Kreisberg, Debra
Drumset/Dumbeq/Arranger Sicular, Eve
Vocal Karpel, Deborah
First line: In this life one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts,
Language: English
Style: Balkan/Chorus Vocal by Ensemble
Length: 2:35

On album: M-059(g) (Metropolitan Klezmer Live/ Traveling Show)
Track ID: 41877
Accordion Butera, Ismael
Trumpet/Fluglhorn Fleming, Pam
Violin/Ney Flutes Hess, Michael
Acustic Bass/Tuba Hofstra, Dave
Vocal Karpel, Deborah
Clarinet/Alto Sax Kreisberg, Debra
Arranger Metropolitan Klezmer
Clarinet/Dumbeq/Arraanger Sicular, Eve
Trombone Regev, Reut
First line: In dos lebn, one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts, I'm afraid these…
Language: English
Style: Musical Theatre
Length: 2:44

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