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Name: Ben-Yosef, Z. M. E.
Name (Yiddish): בּן־יוסף, צ. מ. א

Songs written or composed

Title: Yesh Li Kineret -- יש לי כּנרת
Author: Ben-Yosef, Z. M. E. -- בּן־יוסף, צ. מ. א
Composer: Ben-Yosef, Z. M. E. -- בּן־יוסף, צ. מ. א
Genre: Israeli
Subject: Kineret/Place
Additional song notes: My Kineret

Sheet music:

Folder: 835
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Hebrew
Publisher: Benno Balan, Jerusalem, Israel
Date: 1947
Provenance: Gift of Gail Morrison Hall
Notes: Dark blue Hebrew & English lettering. Drawing of village on Lake Tiberias/Kineret. Three verses in Hebrew inside front cover.


On album: K-033(a) (The Most Beautiful Songs of Kinnereth Sea of Galilee -- יש לי כּנרת - שירי כּנרת)
Track ID: 17376
Artist Zakai, David -- זכּאי, דוד
Artist Caspi, Mati, musical direction -- כּספּי, מתי, נהול מוסיקלי
Artist Caspi, Mati, arrangement -- כּספּי מתי, עיבוד
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)

On album: R-030(c) (Meir Rimon Lovely Songs of Israel Horn of Plenty -- קרן שיר מאיר רימוֹן שירי ארץ ישׂראל)
Track ID: 17377
French Horn Rimon, Meir -- רימוֹן, מאיר
Artist Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Members
Conductor Amos, David
Style: Instrumental

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