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Name: Shaper, H.

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Title: Lailah Lailah -- לילה לילה
Also known as: Layla Layla
Also known as: Layle Layle
Author: Alterman, Natan -- אלתּרמן, נתן
Author: Alterman, Natan -- אלתּרמן, נתן
Composer: Zeira, Mordecai -- זעירא, מרדכי
Genre: Literary Origin/Israeli/Folk/Lullaby
Subject: Night/Wind/Sleep/Knight/Animal/Sword/Candle/Name
Origin: Netzer 63
Transliteration: Netzer 63/Bikel 105/YRD YPS 287/Alb Y-018(b)Alb Y-018(d)
Translation: Alb K-047(a)/Bikel 105/Y-018(d)
Music: Netzer 63/YRD YPS 287
On album: T-002(b) (Topol '68 With Roger Webb & His Orchestra)
Track ID: 8877
Vocal Topol, Chaim -- טופּול, חיים
Artist: Webb, Roger Orchestra
English Adapation Shaper, H.
First line: Layla, layla, the night wind goes stronger,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Adapted from the Hebrew
Language: English

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