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Name: Perry, Sam

Songs written or composed

Title: A Gute Nakht -- אַ גוטע נאַכט
Composer: Perry, Sam
Genre: Instrumental/Klezmer
Music: Alb S-103(a)


On album: S-103(a) (Hank Sapoznik And The Youngers of Zion/ The Protocols)
Track ID: 32668
Artist: Youngers Of Zion
Tenor Guitar Sapoznik, Henry -- סאַפּאָזניק, הענעך
Fiddle Segelstein, Cookie
Bass, BBb Helicon Rubin, Mark
Length: 4:19

On album: K-111(a) (Klezmer Alliance / Mir Besaraber -- מיר בעסעראַבער)
Track ID: 42034
Vocal Chorny, Efim -- טשאָרני, עפֿים
Piano Ghergus, Susan
First line: A gute nakht un zise khaloymes(3), zise khaloymes far moyshes un shloymes
First line (Yiddish):אַ גוטע נאַכט און זיסע חלומות (3), זיסע חלומות פֿאַר משהס און שלמהס
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Tenderly/Lullaby
Length: 1:26

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