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Name: Ben Hassin, David
Born: ca. 1729
Died: ca. 1791

Songs written or composed

Title: Mi Ze Yemalel -- מי זה ימלל
Author: Ben Hassin, David
Genre: Khanike/Holiday/Religious/Biblical/Folk/Hymn
Subject: Miracles/Memory/Hasmoneans/Greeks
Origin: Alb S-104(a)
Transliteration: Alb S-104(a)
Translation: Alb S-104(a)
Additional song notes: See Psalms 68:18/Isaiah 61:10/Breshit 10:04/Exodus 19:06


On album: W-022(a) (The Chanukah Story sung by The Western Wind)
Track ID: 18286
Vocal Western Wind Ensemble
Narrator Bikel, Theodore
Track comment: Who can describe the miracles of God--performed in the...
Language: Hebrew
Style: Sephardic/Moroccan
Length: 2:31

On album: S-104(a) (The Spirit Series Vol 5/ The Spirit of Hanukkah/ Voices of the Conservative Movement)
Track ID: 32774
Vocal Axelrod, Cantor Matt
Vocal NJ Cantors Concert Ensemble
Conductor Levin, Hazzan Sheldon
Arranger Jacobson, Joshua
First line: Mi ze yemalel nisey eil y'vonan, bimey matityahu ben yohanan,
First line (Hebrew):מי זה ימלל, נסי אל יתבּונן, בּימי מתּתיהו בּן יוחנן,
Language: Hebrew
Style: Sephardic
Length: 2:20

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