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Name: Anzaldi-Goldstein, Holly

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Title: Courage Is Our Flame
Author: Goldstein, Adam
Composer: Goldstein, Adam
Genre: Holiday/Khanike
Subject: Memory/Macabees/Persistance/Light/Survival
Origin: Alb S-104(a)
On album: S-104(a) (The Spirit Series Vol 5/ The Spirit of Hanukkah/ Voices of the Conservative Movement)
Track ID: 32776
Vocal/Arranger Goldstein, Cantor Adam
Vocal Goldstein, Cantor Martin
Arranger Anzaldi-Goldstein, Holly
First line: Long ago, the Macabeesfought bravely in God's name. They knew it would take a..
Language: English
Style: Soft Rock/Blues
Length: 3:16

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