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Name: Zybtsev, A. L.

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Title: Oyfn Hoykhn Barg (Kromchenko) -- אויפֿן הויכן באַרג (קראָמטשענקאַ)
Genre: Folk/Love
Subject: Doves/Passion/Mountain/Grass
Translation: Alb S-105(a)
On album: S-105(a) (Shalom Comrade! / Yiddish Music in the Soviet Union 1928-1961)
Track ID: 32822
Vocal Kromchenko, Solomon Markovich
Piano Zybtsev, A. L.
Violin Fikhtengolts, M. I.
First line: Oyfn hoykhn barg un oyfn grinem gruz, shteyn taybelekh tsvey, oy oy, kushn…
First line (Yiddish):אױפֿן הױכן באַרג און אױפֿן גרינעם גרוז, שטײן טײַבעלעך צװײ,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert
Length: 2:26

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