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Title: A Glezele Yash -- אַ גלעזעלע יש
Also known as: Yash
Author: Kerler, Yosef -- קערלער, יוסף
Composer: Shainsky, Vladimir -- שײנסקי, װלאַדימיר
Genre: Drinking
Subject: Getting High/Dancing/Troubles/Drink/Whiskey/Poverty
Song Comment: " & "Vayb" for Man
Origin: ML MTAG 68/Alb R-049(a)/Alb M-059(f)
Transliteration: ML MTAG 68/Alb K-26(d)2/Alb L-038(a)/K-029(j)/Alb 049(a)/Ephemera 1458
Translation: Alb K-042(b)Alb L-038(a)/Alb K-026(d)2/K-029(j)/Alb 049(a)/Ephemera 1458/
Music: ML MTAG 69
Additional song notes: A Small Glass Of Whiskey (Booze) Also Translit and Translat in Album M-059(f) See "Hash"/same song except "Hash" is substituted for "Yash" & "Vayb" for Man Ephemera 1458: See 2015 program for translat and translit
On album: S-105(a) (Shalom Comrade! / Yiddish Music in the Soviet Union 1928-1961)
Track ID: 32825
Vocal Lifshitz, Nekhama -- ליפֿשיץ, נחמה
Ensemble Director Kaptsan, A.
First line: Ven ikh nem a bisele yash, oy, oy, finklt alts un glantst,
First line (Yiddish):װען איך נעם אַ ביסעלע יש, אױ, אױ, פֿינקלט אַלץ און גלאַנצט,
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Pop
Length: 3:04

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