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Name: Billings, James

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Title: Eynzam -- אײנזאַם
Author: Manger, Itzik -- מאַנגער, איציק
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Lonliness/Alienation/Mice/Drunkeness/Wine/Tavern
Origin: Alb L-001(a)/ML MTAG 162/Manger 183/R-024(d)/W-035(a)/Sh Sh 419
Transliteration: Alb L-001(a)/ML MTAG 162/R-07(f)4/R-024(d)/Alb S-098(b)/W-035(a)
Translation: Leftwich GP 569/R-07(f)4/B-069(a)/R-024(d)/Alb S-098(b)/W-035(a)/Sh Sh 418
Music: ML MTAG 163/Manger Roz 324/
Additional song notes: Lonely Addtl translation by Ruth Whitman in PJ5191.E3 W5
On album: W-035(a) (Hy Wolfe sings Lider far der Neshome/ Yiddish Songs for the Soul -- לידער פֿאַר די נשמה)
Track ID: 32836
Vocal Wolfe, Hy -- וואָלף, חיים
Arranger Kaplan, Herbert -- קאַפּלאַן, הערשל
English Adapation Billings, James
First line: No one knows what things I need, no one knows what thoughts I make, seven mice..
First line:טו איך אָן דעם קאַפּעלוש און איך לאָז זיך גיין, וווּ זשע גייט מען שפּעט בײַנאַכט…
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Concert
Length: 3:22

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