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Name: Delanoe, Pierre

Songs written or composed

Title: What Now My Love (French)
Author: Delanoe, Pierre
Author: Sigman, Carl
Composer: Becaud, Gilbert Francois
Genre: Pop
Additional song notes: Delanoe wrote French lyrics, Sigman the English.


On album: xD-006(a)
Track ID: 16950
Author/Composer Becaud, Gilbert Francois
Artist Dan, Yacov
Track comment: known as "What Now My Love"

On album: T-034(a) (Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass)
Track ID: 32988
Commentator, Band Leader? Jacobi, Lou
Orchestra Al Tijuana & his Jewish Brass
Music Direction, Arrangement Butler, Artie
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Incidental announcing/comedic commentary. Riffs from "Lena from Palestina."
Style: Instrumental/Mariachi Brass/Novelty

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