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Name: Queler, Eve

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Title: Halleluya Hallelu-El Bekodshu (Naumborg) -- הללויה הללו־אל בקדשו (נאומבאָרג)
Composer: Naumbourg, Samuel
Genre: Psalm/Biblical
Subject: Psalm 150/Praise/Music/Exaltation/Horn/Psaltry/Harp/Drum
Origin: Alb B-033(b)/Vorbei 337
Transliteration: Alb Z-020(a)/Alb F-015(b)
Translation: Alb F-015(b)/Alb F-033(b)
On album: D-008(c) (The Sound of the Shofar Conducted by Charles Davidson)
Track ID: 5972
Vocal Smolover, Cantor Raymond
Narrator Wiseman, Joseph
Conductor Davidson, Cantor Charles -- דודסן, יחזקאל, חזן
Organ Queler, Eve
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Part of "The Sound of the Shofer" - Rosh Hashono
Language: Hebrew/English
Style: Dramatic/

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