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Name: Hillelstein, Leor

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Title: Kol Nidre -- כּל נדרי
Genre: Religious/Liturgical/Yom Kipur
Subject: Vows
Origin: Alb B-033(i)
Translation: Alb R-009(b)/Alb B-026(b)/Alb B-033(b)/V0121

Related information in folder 779:On album: V0059 (Cantor Joseph Malovany / Jewish Liturgical Treasures / A Concert for cantorial and Chassidic Music (Video) -- החזן יוסף מאָלאַוואָמי / אוצרות החזנות)
Track ID: 33112
Vocal Malovany, Cantor Joseph -- מאַלאָװאַני, חזן יוסף
Choral Arrangement Hillelstein, Leor
Vocal Choral Ensemble of J.D.C. (Joint) Moscow
Language: Hebrew
Style: Cantorial

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