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Name: Gokhberg, Naftali
Name (Yiddish): גאָכבערגת נפֿתּלי

Tracks with this artist

Title: Between Two Worlds
Genre: Folk/Contemporary/Instrumental
Additional song notes: Recording of "An Alter Zhok" from the Engle Ethnographic Expedition, 1912. Contemporary performance of "Mipney Ma"
On album: B-053(a) (Jewish Synagogal Music Baruch Brothers Choir (Yugoslavia) -- מוסיקה לבית הכּנסת)
Track ID: 33114
Clarinet Gokhberg, Naftali -- גאָכבערגת נפֿתּלי
Cimbalom Brotman, Stuart
Style: Instrumental
Length: 1:28

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