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Name: Clutsam, George H.
Born: 1866
Died: 1961

Songs written or composed

Title: Ma Curly Headed Baby
Author: Clutsam, George H.
Genre: Plantation Song/Lullaby
Subject: Child


On album: D-004(q) (Arias and Songs of Love/Louis Danto, Tenor/ With the Prague State Opera Orchestra)
Track ID: 33256
Conductor Hoffert, Paul
Vocal Danto, Cantor Louis -- דאַנטאָ, חזן לואיס
Artist: Prague State Opera Orchestra
First line: Oh, my baby, my curly headed baby, I'll send you fast asleep...
Audio: Judaica Sound Archives at FAU Libraries
Language: English
Style: Concert
Length: 2:21

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