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Title: Yismekhu Vemalekhutokha (Smolover) -- ישׂמחוּ במלכוּתך (סמאָלעווער)
Genre: Religious/Shabos/Sabbath/Hymn/Liturgy
Subject: Shabbos/Sabbath/Delight/Observance/Memory/Creation/Pleasure
Origin: Pasternak CH 141/Alb B-033(f)/Alb B-017(w)/Alb K-047(d)/Alb Z-010(e)
Transliteration: Pasternak CH 44/Alb B-017(w)/Alb K-047(d)/Alb K-029(i)
Translation: Alb K-029(i)/Pasternak CH 141/Alb L-021(b)/Alb M-030(a)/Alb P-005(a)/B-033(f)
On album: A-015(a) (The American Jewish Experience In Song)
Track ID: 17617
Vocal Smolover, Cantor Raymond
Vocal NFTY Choir
First line: Yismekhu vemalkhuskho, shomrey shabat...
Track comment: "They that keep the Sabbath and call it a delight shall...
Language: Hebrew
Style: Rock

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