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Name: de Varon, Lorna Cooke

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Title: A Survivor From Warsaw
Genre: Holocaust/Classical/Historical
Subject: WarsawPlace/Survival/Memory
On album: S-108(a) (Schoenberg: A Survivor From Warsaw/ Beethoven Symphony No. 9/ Boston Symphony/ Erich Leinsdorf)
Track ID: 33286
Narrator Milnes, Sherill
Vocal Men of New England Conservatory Chorus
Conductor Men of the New England Conservatory de Varon, Lorna Cooke
Artist: Boston Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Boston Symphony Orchestra Leinsdorf, Erich
First line: I cannot remember everything, I must have been unconscious most of the time.
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: English
Style: Concert/Choral/Orchestral/Modern
Length: 6:29

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