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Name: Bloch, Chana

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Title: Shpiltsayg -- שפּילצײַג
Also known as: Toys
Author: Sutzkever, Avrom -- סוצקעװער, אַבֿרהם
Composer: Kornecka, Ewa
Genre: Literary Origin/Holocaust/Lament
Subject: Toys/Dolls/Pony/Orphans/Children/
Origin: Alb B-036(c)/Alb S-016(a)
Translation: Alb B-036(c)/AlbT-015(a)/Penguin YID 692/Alb P-038€
Additional song notes: Toys
On album: B-036(c) (The Many Faces of Yiddish Poetry read by Abe Brumberg)
Track ID: 33424
Vocal Brumberg, Abe -- ברומבערג, אייב
English Adaptation Bloch, Chana
First line: My daughter, you must care for your toys, poor things, they're even smaller…
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word
Length: 1:06

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