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Name: Hollander, John

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Title: In Tsentral Park -- אין צענטראַל פּאַרק
Also known as: In Central Park
Author: Halpern, Moyshe Leyb -- האַלפּערן, משה לײב
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Place/Memory/Alienation/Urban/Foreigner
Origin: B-036(c)
Translation: B-036(c)
On album: B-036(c) (The Many Faces of Yiddish Poetry read by Abe Brumberg)
Track ID: 33443
Vocal Brumberg, Abe -- ברומבערג, אייב
English Adaption Hollander, John
First line: Whose fault is it that your tree can't be seen, garden of snow, my garden of sno
Language: English
Style: Spoken Word
Length: 2:17

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