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Name: Leslie, Edgar

Songs written or composed

Title: My Friends Morris and Max
Author: Kalmar, Bert
Author: Leslie, Edgar
Author: Ruby, Harry
Genre: Vaudeville/Novelty/Humorous/Race
Subject: Clothing/Business/Mechants/Price/Money/Greed


On album: J-035(a) (Jewface)
Track ID: 33540
Vocal Burkhart, Maurice
First line: Two friends of mine own a big cloting store, der names are Morris and Max,
Language: English
Style: Vaudeville/Dialect
Length: 3:20

Title: Sadie Salome Go Home
Author: Berlin, Irving
Author: Leslie, Edgar
Composer: Berlin, Irving
Genre: Novelty/Pop/Humorous/Vaudville/
Subject: Salome/Scandal/Nudity/Outrage/Clothes/Display/Stage
Origin: Ephemera 1164
Music: Sheet Music 1145
Additional song notes: See Ephemera folder 1164 for background Information

Sheet music:

Folder: 1267
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: English
Publisher: American Musicological Society
Provenance: Purchase, April 2012 - via internet
First line: Sadie Cohen left her happy home to become an actress lady,


On album: F-071(a) (Paul Favor/ Sadie Salome Go Home)
Track ID: 36843
Vocal Favor, Edward M.
First line: Sadie Cohen left her happy home, to become an actress lady, on the stage she…
Language: English
Style: Novelty/Humorous/Vaudville/

On album: C-049(b) (Casco Bay Tummlers / Jumpin' Jewpiter!)
Track ID: 41766
Artist: Casco Bay Tummlers
Flute, Guitar Dimow, Carl
gb @ C Clarinets Mills, Danny
Bass Goell, Julie
Vocal/Accordion Hoffman, Nancy 3
Drums/Xylophone Porterfield, Hayes
First line: Sadie Cohen left her happy home to become an actress lady, on the stage she soon
Language: English
Style: Humorous/Dialect/Novelty/Vaudeville
Length: 3:09

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