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Name: Redman, Josh

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Title: Hine Ma Tov -- הנה מה טוֹב
Also known as: Psalm 133:01
Genre: Psalm/Biblical/Brotherhood/Fraternal
Subject: Brotherhood/Fraternal/Unity
Origin: Alb L-001(a)/Bugatch 134/Pasternak CH 142/Coopersmith SOZ 132
Transliteration: Alb D-08(d)2/Pasternak CH 48/Zim 48/Alb N-010(b)/Coopersmith SOZ 132
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 77/Alb L-021(b)/Pasternak CH 142/Alb S-033(a)
Music: Coopersmith SOZ 132
Additional song notes: Psalm 133

Related information in folder 1615:On album: S-092(a) (Ben Sidran Life's A Lesson featuring Lynette)
Track ID: 21578
Vocal Lynette
Vocal Gates of Heaven Children's Choir
Keyboards Sidran, Ben
Drums Gottlieb, Danny
Bass Richmond, Mike
Orchestrations Goldstein, Gil
Tenor Sax Redman, Josh
Sopronno Sax Liebman, David
Alto Sax Konitz, Lee
Guitar Khan, Steve
Flugel Brecker, Randy
Harmonica Levy, Howard
Clarinet Daniels, Eddie
Bass Clarinet Mintzer, Bob
First line: Hine, hine, hine, ma tov uma noyim, shevet akhim gam yakhat.
First line:הנה מה טוֹב וּמה נעים, שבת אחים גם יחד.
Track comment: How good it is for all people to dwell together in unity.

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