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Name: Narrell, Andy

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Title: Etz Chayim (Silverman) -- עץ חיים (סילווערמאַן)
Genre: Liturgy/Religious
Subject: Proverbs 03:18/Tree/Life/Torah/Lamentations 05:21
Translation: Alb M-019(a)/Alb M-013(a)/Alb G-056(b)/Alb S-092(a)
Additional song notes: Based upon Proverbs 03:18 and Lamentations 05:21
On album: S-092(a) (Ben Sidran Life's A Lesson featuring Lynette)
Track ID: 21568
Vocal Gates of Heaven Children's Choir
Keyboards Sidran, Ben
Drums Gottlieb, Danny
Bass Richmond, Mike
Orchestrations Goldstein, Gil
Flute Steig, Jeremy
Steel Drums Narrell, Andy
First line: It is a tree of life to them that hold fast to it and all..
Language: English
Length: 3:40

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