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Name: de la Fuente, Maurice

Songs written or composed

Title: Be-kol Shofar -- בקול שופר
Author: de la Fuente, Maurice
Genre: Religious/Biblical
Subject: Abraham/Isaac/Sacrifice
Additional song notes: Biblical story of the Akeyda in song. See Genesis 022.


On album: N-030(a) (The Noam Singers Feature the Hebrew Version of Those Were The Days -- כאלה היו הימים)
Track ID: 33572
Guitar/Arranger Schwartz, Steve
Vocal Meller, Izzy
Electric Bass Guitar Goldstein, Jay
Tof Leifer, Shmuel
Artist: Noam Singers
Vocal/Guitar Frank, Morty
First line:בקול שופר ישמיע ישועה, יום זה זכות לבני עמך,
Language: Hebrew/English
Style: Pop/Spoken Word
Length: 4:52

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