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Name: The Soggy Matzoh Boys

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Title: Man Of Constant Tsuris
Genre: Parody/Novelty
Subject: Troubles/Places/Climate/Wife/Children/Aging/Prostate
Additional song notes: Parody of "Man of Constant Sorrow"
On album: N-031(a) (Now That Sounds Kosher)
Track ID: 33813
Artist: The Soggy Matzoh Boys
Lead Vocal Cohen, Mark
Backup Vocals/Mandolin/Acoustic Guitar/Banjo Kaniger, Marty
Backup Vocals Wayne, Bob
Upright Bass Croy, Danny
Dobro Tree, Ed
Fiddle Indictor, Mark
First line: In constant tsuris, through his days, oy I'm the man of constant tsuris,
Language: English
Style: Country Western/Soft Rock
Length: 3:44

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