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Name: Dinicu, Grigoras
Name (Yiddish): דיניקו, גרגוש
Born: April 3, 1889 (Bucharest, Romania)
Died: Apr 3, 89 or 8/5/48 (Bucharest, Rumania)

Songs written or composed

Title: Hora Staccato -- האָרע סטאַקאָטאָ
Composer: Dinicu, Grigoras -- דיניקו, גרגוש
Genre: Pop/Concert/Classical
Song Comment: Based upon Rumanian melody
Additional song notes: Jascha Heifetz sometimes credited as composer with Dinicu. He probably arranged the music.

Sheet music:

Folder: 1241
Series: 4
Arranged for: Clarinet/Tenor Saxaphone/Solo With Piano
Texts: Music Only
Publisher: Carl Fisher
Date: 1930/1937
Provenance: Gendelman Gift
Notes: Also Solo For Bb Clarinet/Bb Tenor Saxaphone


On album: K-011(a) (Jennie Kessler Sings -- זשעני קעסלער זינגט)
Track ID: 6813
Vocal Kessler, Jenny -- קעסלער, זשיני
Conductor Moskowitz, Martin -- מוסקוביץ, מרטין
Arranger Tsherba, E., Arranger -- טשערבו, י., אַראַנזשער
Track comment: Accompanied vocally by Jenny Kessler.

On album: O-005(d) (A Gala Concert with Moishe Oysher & The Barry Sisters Vol 2)
Track ID: 6814
Vocal Oysher, Moyshe -- אױשער, משה
Vocal Barry Sisters -- שװעסטער באַרי
First line: You heard it on the fiddle, you heard it on the flute,
Language: English

On album: T-007(c) (Freilach In Hi-Fi Jewish Wedding Dances)
Track ID: 6815
Clarinet Tarras, Dave -- טאַראַס, דײװ
Artist: Murray Lehrer Ensemble
Trumpet Levin, Lou, trumpet
Style: Instrumental

On album: T-007(g) (Frailach Music Abe Ellstein's Orchestra with Dave Tarras)
Track ID: 6816
Artist: Abe Ellstein Orchestra -- אײב עלשטײַן אָרקעסטער
Clarinet Tarras, Dave -- טאַראַס, דײװ
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Style: Instrumental

On album: R-041(a) (The Magic Violin of Mirel Reznic / Gypsy Jewish -- כּינוֹר הקסם של מירל רזניק צועני /יהודי)
Track ID: 6817
Violin/Arranger Reznic, Mirl, violin & arr -- רזניק, מירל, כּנוֹר ועבוד
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Style: Instrumental

On album: S-081(a) (First Klez Salamon Klezmorim)
Track ID: 6818
Artist: Salomon Klezmorim
Clarinet/Arranger Salomon, Marcel
Accordion/Arranger von Tol, Theo
Drums Licht, David
Violin Lootsma, Nienke
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer
Length: 2' 55"

On album: V-023(a) (Monica Vardimon/ The Songs of my Heart/ Di Lider Fun Mayn Harts -- די לידער פֿון מײַן האַרץ \מוניקה ורדעמון)
Track ID: 36355
Violin Mareinowski, Wojciech
Clarinet Witko, Janusz
Piano/Synthsizer Kluzowicz, Jerzy
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Cielecki, Jan
Vocal Vardeman, Monica -- ורדימון, מוניקה
First line: Men shpilt es oyf a fidl, men shpilt es oyf a fleyt, der iker darf es klingen...
First line (Yiddish):מען שפּילט עס אויף אַ פֿידל, מען שפּילט עס אויף אַ פֿלייט, דער איקער דאַרף עס קלינגען
Language: Yiddish
Style: Pop/Concert
Length: 3:02

Other tracks with this artist

Title: The Lark (Instr, Medley)
On album: M-032(d) (Maxwell Street Klezmer Band You Should Be So Lucky)
Track ID: 24383
Composer Dinicu, Grigoras -- דיניקו, גרגוש
Artist Maxwell Street Klezmer Band
Violin Koffman, Alex
Track comment: Medley-Doyne/ Khosidl/ The Lark

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