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Name: Klein, Regina

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Title: Be True To Your Shul
Genre: Instructional
Subject: Loyalty/Synagogue/AZA/Adolecent/Congregation/Observance
Additional song notes: Parody of "Be True To Your School"
On album: N-031(a) (Now That Sounds Kosher)
Track ID: 33806
Artist: Beach Boychicks
Lead Vocal Phillips, Henry
Backup Vocals Kaniger, Marty
Backup Vocals Wayne, Bob
Bass Guitar Croy, Danny
Drums Logeman, Dave
Electric Guitars Raymond, Don
Clarinet Goro, Zinovy
Accordion Klein, Regina
Synthesizer/Baritone Sax Clavarella, Vince
Marching Bass Drum Fundyga, Craig
First line: When some shlimiel tries to put me down and says "He has a larger congregation"
Language: English
Style: Rock/Klezmer
Length: 2:37

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