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Title: Haytike Mames (Video) -- הײַנטיקע מאַמעס (ווידיאָ)
Author: Lynn, Henry
Genre: Melodrama/
Subject: Morality/Immigration/Assimilation/Generations/Conflict
Additional song notes: Mothers of Today, Screenplay by Henry Lynn, From the play by Simon Wolf, Music by Leon Field.
On album: V0197 (Mothers of Today/ Hayntike Mames with Esther Feld (Video) -- הײַנטיקע מאַמעס (ווידיאָ))
Track ID: 35755
Artist: Lynn, Henry
Artist: Field, Esther
Artist: Rosenblatt, Max
Artist: Wolf, Simon
Artist: Seidenberg, Leon
Artist: Lubelski, Paula
Artist: Lubow, Vera
Artist: Winters, Arthur
Artist: Krause, Gertrude
Artist: Shargel, Jacob Joseph -- שאַרגעל, ינקבֿ יוסף
Artist: Goldstein, Louis
Artist: Epstein, William
Language: Yiddish
Style: Drama
Length: 90:00

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