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Name: Gold, Ann

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Title: A Tickle In The Heart (Video)
Genre: Klezmer/Documentary/Performance/Video
Subject: Yiddish Songs/Klezmer
On album: V0046 (A Tickle in the Heart/ (Video) -- אַ קיצל אין האַרצן (ווידיאָ))
Track ID: 33855
Director Schweitert, Stefan
Producer Hagemann, Martin
Producer Rosenstein, Edward
Artist: Epstein Brothers Orchestra
Performer Epstein, Max -- עפּשטײן, מאַקס
Performer Epstein, Willie
Performer Epstein, Julie
Performer Sokolow, Pete -- סוקולוב, פּסח
Producer Kufus, Thomas
Performar (Vocals) Gold, Ann
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Folk/Klezmer/Concert
Length: 84:00

Title: Mayn Shtetele Belz -- מײַן שטעטעלע בעלז
Also known as: Belz
Author: Jacobs, Jacob -- זשאַקאָבס, זשאַקאָב
Composer: Olshanetsky, Alexander -- אָלשאַנעצקי, אַלעקסאַנדער
Genre: Theatre/Nostalgia/Memory/Literary Origin
Subject: Place/Belz/Childhood
Origin: GYF 20/ML PYS 260/Alb G-035(b)/Vinkov 5 309
Transliteration: Alb B-007(c)/GYF 23/Alb L-048(a)/Alb B-007(c)/Alb G-013(c)/ML PYS 260/
Translation: Alb H-006(a)/Alb L-023(b)/GYF 23/Alb J-024(a)1/Alb K-029(g)/Vinkov 5 311
Music: GYF 20/Estella 26/ML PYS 260/Vinkov 5 308
Additional song notes: From the play "Ghetto Song" or "Song of the Ghetto Also translation and transliteration published in Alb T-028(b) Characterized by Karsten Troyke as "Traditional"
On album: V0046 (A Tickle in the Heart/ (Video) -- אַ קיצל אין האַרצן (ווידיאָ))
Track ID: 34038
Artist: Epstein Brothers Orchestra
Clarinet Epstein, Max -- עפּשטײן, מאַקס
Trumpet Epstein, Willie
Drums/Percussion Epstein, Julie
Vocal Gold, Ann
Language: Yiddish
Style: Pop/Klezmer

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