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Name: McEnery, "Red River" David

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Title: Amelia Earhart's Last Flight
Author: Friedman, Kinky
Composer: McEnery, "Red River" David
Genre: Country
Subject: Amelia Earhart/Captain Noonan/Americana/Great Beyond/Flying/
Origin: Ephemera 809/Ephemera 1491
Music: Ephemera 809

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On album: K-098(a) (Live From Austin Texas Kinky Friedman)
Track ID: 33863
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Friedman, Kinky
Piano, Accordion, Saxes, Vocals Shelby, Jeff "Jewford"
Saxes, Piano, Tambourine, Vocals Jacobs, Ken "Snakebite"
Lead Guitar Culpepper,Thomas "Wichita"
Bass, Vocals Adam, Skycab
Drums Boles, "BB" Buster (Major)
First line: Just a ship out on the ocean, a speck against the sky
Language: English

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