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Name: Biboa, Nathan

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Title: A Khasene In Shtetl (Video) -- אַ חתונה אין שטעטל (ווידיאָ)
Author: Segal, William -- װיליאַם סיגאַל
Author: Lux, Lillian -- לוקס, ליליאַן
Genre: Video/Theater/Musical/Comedy
Subject: Family/Fathers/Sons/Relationships/Love/Actors/Banishment
Additional song notes: Yossele, a Rabbi's son becomes a Yiddish actor and is banished from his home on the eve of his wedding. Story by William Segal.
On album: V0019 (A Khasene In Shtetl (Video) -- אַ חתונה אין שטעטל (ווידיאָ))
Track ID: 33980
Performer/Director/Star Burstein, Mike -- בורשטײַן, מײַק
Producer Biboa, Nathan
Performer/Director/Co-Star Lux, Lillian -- לוקס, ליליאַן
Performer Feldman, Betty
Language: Yiddish
Style: Theater/Musical/Humorous
Length: 97:00

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