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Name: Wesley, Charles

Songs written or composed

Title: Adeste Fideles (Video)
Also known as: Hark The Herald Angles Sing (Video)
Author: Wesley, Charles
Genre: Israeli
Origin: ALB S-129(a)


On album: V0137 (Peter Paul & Mary, Holiday Concert, Dec 4, 1989 (Video))
Track ID: 34503
Vocal Peter, Paul and Mary
Vocal Yarrow, Peter
Vocal Simon, Paul
Conductor Williams, John
Artist: Boston Pops Orcherstra
Artist: Tanglewood Festival Chorus
Director Oliver, John
Vocal Vienna Boys Choir
Cappellmeister Raffisburger, Ernest
First line: Hark the herald anges sing "Glory to the new born King! Peace on earth..."
Language: English
Style: Triumphant

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